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With the ExxonMobil Dental Plan, you get comprehensive coverage, plus the plan covers preventive care at no cost to you. You can visit any dentist for your care, but choosing a dentist in the Aetna Dental PPO network will save you money.

To find a provider near you, goto/Aetna or visit aetna.com to learn more.

Summary of coverage

Aetna network Dental PPO/PDN with PPO II Network
Annual dental maximum* $2,000 per covered person
Annual deductible* $50 individual/$150 family

* Applies to general and major services only.

Covered services You pay
Preventive Services**
Diagnostic exams and cleanings, diagnostic X-rays, fluoride treatment and sealants
General Services
Tooth extractions, root canals and fillings
Major Services
Dentures, fixed bridges or implants, and permanent crowns
Orthodontic Services
Orthodontia lifetime maximum benefit is $2,000 per covered person

** Limits on the number of services covered per year apply.


For more detailed plan information, please refer to the Dental Plan Summary Plan Description at http://www.exxonmobilfamily.com/.

The ExxonMobil Dental Plan covers up to four (4) cleanings each calendar year for all covered participants as a preventive service — a valuable benefit!