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The ExxonMobil Vision Plan encourages preventive eye care by covering up to two comprehensive eye exams as well as one pair of lenses and frames or contact lenses each calendar year. The plan also provides discounts on additional glasses or contact lenses, prescription sunglasses and laser eye surgery. You can visit any provider, choosing a provider from the Spectera network will save you money. Visit www.exxonmobilvision.com to learn more.

Summary of coverage

Service In network you pay Non-network you pay Limitations and exceptions
Comprehensive exam $0 Anything
over $40
Twice each calendar year
Retinal screening photography $0 100% Once every calendar year
Materials $25 copay Once every calendar year
• Private practice and retail chain providers
over $150
over $45
Once every calendar year
Spectacle lenses
• Single vision
• Bifocals
• Trifocals
• Lenticular
$0 Anything over:
Once every calendar year
Lens options
• Standard scratch resistant coating
• Premium progressive
• Polycarbonate lenses
• Premium anti-reflective coating
$0 100%
Contact lenses (in lieu of eyeglasses)
• Covered-in-full elective contact lenses
• Necessary contact lenses
• All other elective contact lenses
Anything over $200
Anything over $210
Anything over $200
Once every calendar year

For more detailed plan information, please refer to the Vision Plan Summary Plan Description at http://www.exxonmobilfamily.com/.